Guided Mode

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What is guided mode?

Guided mode is one of two ways to correct tracking results. When in guided mode, ABC Tracker loads pre-built "reviews" which ask you to provide input on a given object.

These guided reviews have been carefully chosen based on data collected during the tracking stage. The goal of guided reviews is to reduce the time required to produce accurate corrections results by leveraging data collected during tracking.

How do I switch to guided mode?

Guided mode can be entered by clicking on the red "Manual Mode" button displayed just above the video playback window:


If a manual correction is in progress, it is necessary to save or cancel that manual operation before the option of switching to guided mode becomes available.

How do I complete a guided review?

There are two steps to completing a guided review:

  1. Click on the highlighted object (it will say "Follow this target (Click to Start)"

  2. Follow that object until video playback stops

    It may be necessary to adjust the zoom or slow down video playback to follow objects during a guided review

  3. Once the object stops, mark the object by pressing down on the left mouse button on the center of the object, dragging the cursor in the direction of the object's head (length of arrow does not matter, but direction is important), and then releasing the left mouse button

What if I lose track of the object during a guided review?

Sometimes, due to fast playback speeds or fast object movement, it may be difficult to follow an object during a guided review.

In this instance, it is recommended to either slow down playback speed or adjust the zoom on the object, and then right click on the object and select either:

  • Redo last marked frame
  • Reset review