2. Creating a Process

Enter Create New Processes Page

After logging in, click on "Create New Tracking Processes"

Choose Video File

Click "Select" and choose video file

If the video is not in MP4 format, ABC Tracker will attempt to convert the video to MP4 before processing.

 See list of known supported formats...
  • MP4 (best for ABC Tracker)
  • MPG
  • AVI
  • MOV
  • QT
  • ASF
  • FLV
  • SWF
  • WMV

Validate Video Options

The following options are available:

  • Process Name
    • This is only for identification purposes and cannot be changed later. It is recommended to choose a highly descriptive name.
  • Object Type
    • Currently, these options are available:
      • Ants
      • Bees
      • Cells
      • Termites
      • Fish
      • Reptiles
      • Robots
      • Pedestrians
      • Other_Insects
      • Other_Humans
    • Selecting the correct object type helps developers know how ABC Tracker is being used, and if you choose to share results on with the scientific community (KNB Repository), these tags will be used
    • Additionally, in the future there may be module sets configured to track specific types of objects. For the current status on whether additional modules are available, please request an update here.
  • Starting and ending frame
    • For fastest results, it is recommended that each video be a maximum of 5000 frames (around 2 minutes 45 seconds)
    • However, ABC Tracker can track more than 5000 frames in one video; please be prepared for tracking to take longer if more frames are selected

Create Process

Click on "Create Process" to finalize the process in the server

After clicking this button ABC Tracker will upload the video and transition to the "Object Marking" phase

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